For Reviewers

Each article is assigned to an editor.

If the editor determines that the article does not meets the quality of the journal and/or scope, then the editor rejects the manuscript. This decision is sufficient for rejection of an article.

If the article is of sufficient quality and fits the subject of the journal, the editor assigns the article to external reviewers for peer-review.

The reviewers submit their reports with recommendation for the upcoming actions:

  • Publish unaltered;
  • Consider for publication after minor changes;
  • Consider for publication after major changes;
  • Reject.

If the editor recommends rejecting the manuscript, the rejection is immediate.

The editor and reviewers know who the authors of the manuscript are, but the authors do not have information of who are the reviewers.

The period for review of an article is up to 3 weeks. But it may be extended according to editor decision (for example in the case of two completely different reviewer recommendations).

Example of reviewer sheet may be downloaded from here.

Before publication (or in the time of reviewer process) the article is assigned to an layout editor, determining: AMS subject classifications and keywords adequateness, validity of the mail address, LaTeX code, etc.