IJPAM: Volume 26, No. 2 (2006)


Radoslav Galic
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
K. Trpimira 2B, Osijek, HR-31 000, CROATIA
e-mail: radoslav.galic@etfos.hr

Abstract.In this article, besides others, a 2-partition of Hartmanis ${\bf P}_2(Q)\;[\vert l\vert\geq 3,l\in {\bf P}_2(Q)]$ is described as a $D-$hypergroupoid $(Q;A).$ In particular, if $\vert l\vert=3$ for every $l\in {\bf P}_2(Q),$ then ${\bf P}_2(Q)$ is a Steiner triple system, and the corresponding hypergroupoid is essentially an idempotent $TS-$quasigroup.

Received: November 28, 2005

AMS Subject Classification: 20N99

Key Words and Phrases: hypergroupoid, $D-$hypergroupoid, $TS-$hypergroupoid,
$<2,2>-$invertible hypergroupoid

Source: International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
ISSN: 1311-8080
Year: 2006
Volume: 26
Issue: 2